Monday, January 30, 2012

Bedtime Questions

Our kids have been asking some of the toughest questions at bedtime lately. Some are related to movies watched, some are from books, some are related to people they know, ect.: "Why do people get divorced", "What's a hernia", "What happens with puberty". Since I am usually tending to Abigail, they sure do have Ian spinning in circles. I've heard this is a time when kids can really open up. I do not want to be squelching that, but also do not want support a convenient way for them to delay bedtime either.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A new way to worship

It takes some planning, but I am now able to join the congregation with a sleeping Abigail in my arms. While pregnant, I would foreshadow these moments. How sweet it is to sing and worship holding a child I did not think I would get to have. A direct, tangible, poignant gift from my heavenly father.
In addition, Everett has recently made the personal choice to join me in the adult service. Well maybe not me, but some family friends. He sits with the young gentlemen. Sometimes close. Sometimes with more distance. I am so proud of his personal choice. That we have raised a responsible and respectful young man so far. That he is learning about our God in a new way.

And Isobel? She skips herself to her own class (E picks her up). She excited to go and tells me all about it afterwards.

I love that we are all enjoying going and learning.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Food Issues

Is it the weather or what? There have been some interesting food happenings here. I said yes to Everett's request to a marshmallow. Apparently you have to roast them first. This tactic work surprisingly well, although I'm sure there's a warning sticker somewhere on the oven that says not to do this.
And this? This is what Isobel made as part of her lunch, and more shockingly ate! A peanut butter and mayo sandwich (on gluten free bread of course).
She has a good track record for eating what she makes. Such as blueberries in her split pea soup and sugar snap peas in her yogurt. As long as she eats it right?

We made the choice for me to be dairy free months before Abigail was born. In the years following Everett and Isobel's infancy, we believe that dairy played a huge part in their nursing. So since October I've been cheese, milk, and yogurt deprived. Then it got worse. Isobel became gluten free. She had been complaining of stomach aches for quite some time. She only mentioned it when given a task to do, so we never quite believed her. So we took her off gluten see if 1) she got better 2) the lack of favorite foods out weighed the tasks requested.
And she quickly felt better. If it worked for her, maybe we should try it for Abigail via me. Oh joy!! And what do you know, Abigail became less fussy and her acne skin cleared up the same day. So now I'm gluten, dairy, and bean free. Yes, I eat a lot of oatmeal, nuts and non-gassy
produce. But meals must be made and deserts sought out. So Isobel and I made our first gluten and dairy free cake. It turned out great! After being heavily influenced by the show "Cake Boss", Ian and I decided the kids should ice their own cakes:

This is one of my best childhood memories. My mom would let us pick out whatever style cake pan and decorate it per our request. She is an amazing cake decorator and it's what I remember most about my birthdays.

And some pictures of Abigail just for fun:

Monday, January 16, 2012


Lots of hard work going on over here:
Ian and I figured out how to have a great snow day with minimal effort. There was no snow at our house, but there was at his parents house! Mom and Dad were great!! They came and got the kids, played with them, and fed them.

We (I mean Carolynn) discovered that Abigail had Thrush. She took the fact that I will do anything she tells me to a new level. She claims that she "forgot" it dyes your finger purple!
But, she has taught me many other things though. Like how to teach a baby to sleep. This is a MAJOR accomplishment for me (and her). I was thrilled that one of our babies took a two hour nap, away from home, and in a bright room.
As today has not been this easy with her sleeping, I am holding onto these moments of capability.
As for the "big kids"? They each have moved onto the next math level. Isobel was more than thrilled to get her new math book.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It seems that my days are consumed by getting food in (and out) of Abigail and getting her to sleep. At one time she was great about going to sleep on her own. This weekend it all seemed to change. Now we have the heart wrenching task of teaching her to help herself to sleep. Oh my heart! But babies should sleep for longer than 20 or 40 min!! But all of this has brought me to my God on my knees. It is obvious I can not do this on my own in my own strength. Or without the friends he's given me (who I call for wisdom, help, and distraction). But, it has provided routine times for Everett, Isobel, and I to gather and pray for her, our patience, and peace in our home.
And in the meantime, we are still schooling, cleaning, and playing. Sometimes it looks like this:
Our "big kids" took advantage of the wind and rain. They enjoy extreme weather. Soon they came in asking if they could put mud on their faces. Ummm, ok.
See I don't feel like getting out much these days. I find it extremely nerve racking to leave the house for the one hour that Abigail is not sleeping or nursing. I'm happy to have people over or pay shipping costs on the household needs. Such as utilizing I needed diapers, diaper cream, and breastmilk bags, and snack bars. They were here at my door in two days with free shipping. Love it!