Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where did the time go?

You know your baby is no longer "the baby" when she becomes the horse.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Fun with Purpose

Montessori Prescription for children with learning disabilities by Orem & Coburn: Great description and purpose of manipulative. Explained introductions. Provided incite for school age and adolescents. Lists activies. Not a lot of pictures but that is why I like this one....

Basic Montessori Learning Activities for under fives by David Gettman

We are doing puppets too. It seemed an easy, fun, yet totally productive way to internalize language. We will be making sock and felt puppets then retelling (reading a book, making characters, retelling it in theater) and making up stories (such as Evies latest adventure to the dirt track or his lego/ rescue heroes adventures).
Playtime Rhymes by priscilla Lamont: Rhymes and body movements for the very young, but a great start!
101 finger plays, stories and songs to use with finger puppets by Diane Briggs: Multiple songs and rhymes to use with each set of puppets. Convenient and multipurpose.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I did not see this in any montessori book

If your family is prone broken bones or stitches (you know who you are). . . this is your fair warning...

We started our schooling this morning experimenting with ramps made from our block box and some HotWheels (what ramp construction worked best, how far did it go, what surface works best, does style of car matter?). I am one for the practical side of learning. "How will I use this knowledge in real life?" Well Everett took it a step (LEAP) further and we ended up at the local skate and bike park. Amen and how cool that such an outlet exists here in our wonderful town!! We had an hour before dinner and a son pleading to go give it a try:

We are so proud of him. Not because he can do this, although cool, but because he is confident to try, determined to get back up (fell once), bold to play with the big boys, and cautious to know his limits. Way to go Evie!

New Favorites

A friend asked for some links to some of my resources. You will find some cool places to the left. I will not be held responsible for any additions or money spent on them :0) Hope you like them too.
The book shelf for some of my favorite books (library or owned).