Wednesday, February 15, 2012

History Makes An Impression

We had just finished reading about how social class was apparent based on clothing in Ancient Greece. As Everett was bringing me something for our next lesson, this is how he returned saying that he was a slave (exposing one shoulder)Although I don't want to mess with this guy.
And not to be out done, Isobel stated last week that Michelangelo had "bad" drawings and inappropriate statues (David).

Just when you don't think they are listening . . . .

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'm waiting for Abigail to fall asleep here in my arms. I'd let her fuss it out, but given her cold (why do people touch babies hands!) and the fact that her father's alarm will go off in less than five hours, here we sit rocking in the dark. So I'll try to blog one handed.

Sports, sports and more sports lately. My mom was up for a few days recently. her time share condo has a pool. The kids were in heaven with a doting grandma and a chance to swim!Don't let the smile fool ya. The baby is the only thing warm in this picture. I forgot the pool was outside!

The other expense of energy has been ice skating. Ian was able to join in once too.
Can't these kids have a warm sport? I'd have a picture of Everett, but that means he would have to slow down a little for me to take a picture.
The timing of this is just about perfect since it is near one of Abigail's nap times. She's cozy in the Moby Wrap and we just hang out. Amen that there is a very nice family that attend too. Her boys skate and we get to talk. They even have a one year old Abigail.