Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today we took Everett's love of hockey to school. Set up on numbers is a bowling format, Everett totally enjoyed aiming at recycled bottles and calling out their numbers. He must have practiced for at least an hour all without any permanent damage to our home. Isobel deiced to bowel at them. They had great team work resetting the bottles for each other. I this kind of school!
By the way, this is what Isobel chose to wear during errands yesterday. My moma raised us with the grace to wear what we liked providing that we were covered and appropriate. She was very cute company.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We're Back

My mom took us on a small vacation during Thanksgiving. It was wonderful. We had our own rooms and a hot tub on every balcony. So cool! Ian thought I was nuts for sneaking in without children . . . in the am and pm. We had a special dinner that none of us had to worry, cook or clean up after. Isobel took this picture of my mom.

Due to either snow or lack of work, Ian has been home a bunch! He even jumped in to do some school work with Evie. The kids loved it. Monday morning usually comes to quick for them. Every night they ask dad if he will be home in the morning. He was able to say yes quite a lot.

He even joined us for the homeschool ice skate. Everett loves most sports and would love try probably every sport. He has been learning how to stop and turn on the ice. He received a hockey puck for Christmas so I am sure a that will go with us next time.

Isobel is gaining confidence too. She just wears her boots (with a good cleaning) and maybe touches the ice a few times, but mainly wants me to carry her around and around and around on the ice until I need a break.
I mentioned the snow and here it is. Maybe around a foot or so once said and done. It just kept coming! I took this picture from inside the house. Do you see how cold it is out there. You would have to be nuts to waddle around with multiple layers while trying to avoid frost bit on exposed skin. Besides the house was quiet with all of them out of it . . . .

Recently we went to Mindport down town. They say it is an art gallery with a hands on exhibit area. I can only explain it as something similar to the Seattle Center with an art twist. Either way it was very cool! Here, Ian and ever are experimenting with fans and mist to make tornadoes. We played with sound, water, sight, heat . . . . For $2 each! I was happy everyone happy. Here, Isobel is watching the lights react to either the music provided or her voice. It's downtown on Holly if anyone is interested.