Monday, May 26, 2008

Dirt is ok!

So the washer was done and I was silly to think that the clothes were ready for the dryer. Well most were. Every top of Isobels and a few of Everetts still required stain remover once again and another run through the washer. I am so glad that I am like my moma and care more about the kid wearing the clothes than the clothes themselves. Enjoy my children. Look, explore and seek out. Be respectful. Come home dirty head to toe and tell me all about it!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was like just like any mothers day. I could not find the car keys, slight conflict with spouse, children playing together well then fighting, then playing, ect. ect. I am happy to have it though. I have always wanted to be a mom. There were years of painful losses and very little hope felt. I have it so good and I feel it with every kiss. I was terrified to have a daughter. I am not very girly and I do not know how to prepare a girl to be a woman. And I am a woman. Why would I wish that on another (but I must say I am learning its glorious position). But God has a plan. I was given a son who is very much like me (server, harder on himself than anyone else, people pleaser . . . ) and a daughter who already seems stronger than I yet can be so tender. I thought the difference between a son or daughter relationship would be felt when they were more grown. But as girls we can share moments like these. We love hot baths! I needed to shave my legs. So I lathered my leg. Then she did too. Then the other one. Then she did too. Then it turned into this:
She was so caring. I just soaked it up, trying to burn this memory and picture in. But as mentioned, I often can not remember where I put my car keys, so we called for daddy to take a digital memory for us. These years will fly by . . . and they have. I so remember the pain of not having children. I want to remember the JOY I now have in them. Thank you Ian for making me a moma. Thank you God Everett and Isobel who call me "Moma"

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cino de Mayo!

Just a good reason to have food, fun, and friends.

We played at Birchwood Park

Had a Mexican Jumping Bean Race

Destroyed 3 pinatas

Enjoyed chips, salsa,dip, innocent mojitos, burritos, and enchiladas.
It was fun...
but chilly. It was suggested that Cinco de Mayo be held in warmth next time. Such as Cinco de Agusto.

Of course the boys did not mind the chill

Then it was off to play again. Thank you friends for celebrating with us!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

This is what happens

This is what happens when two parents feel less than good and had a horrible night. Somehow digging a hole and including your sister in the mud making is an acceptable afternoon activity. Really it is fine. I would just rather it have been where no one will fall in it. Whatever!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It was so nice

I have been on vacation . . . from my house and to do list that is. I have been meaning to post a blog but then misplaced my camera, and what is a blog with out a picture? Anyway, it all started last Thursday when my friend called and invited us to the new Mt. Vernon Children's Museum. No way would I pass that up! Everett and I love to hang out with her and her girls so much that if they were waiting in line we would want to wait with them and it would be fun. It was a great day with friends. A quick dinner and off to bed in anticipation of our trip to Seattle the next day to see my family.

As we would be gone until late Friday night, I wanted to let Ian know that we were thinking of him too and how much we love him. So I did a little "Ruby Homework". It is my own made up phrase to note my worship and thankfulness to God by making my husband #1 in our home. All that to say I accomplished one of his put off errands (a return to a hardware store . . . nobody likes that) and told him his money was re-available. The best part of this is he would able him to work (read play!) in his shop. This is what he can do there:

Knowing he was set was good for me. Almost as good as the surprise my sister set up for me. As I pull up in her driveway one of her best friends comes running out, asks for my children to come in and for me to stay in the car. Oookay. Tracey, my sister, kisses her "babies" (my kids) and jumps in the car and starts giving driving directions. As we near Blockbuster Video I tell her she should have taken her movies back herself. No that's not it. A slick way for me to drive you to Starbucks? Good idea, but no. A massage!!! A one hour massage!!! Paid for and kids happy!!! It was great. When I got back Everett and Isobel had painted picture frames for myself and my mom. How cute! And brave. Tracey has no kids (only the ones I provide :) but she does have an organized house and a beautiful dining room table. Free range of the fridge and a movie were more loved poured over us.
Then it happened. My Friday craving for Goodwill. The next thing I know, Isobel is curled up in a chair with her uncle EJ and I have full permission to go to the Goodwill on sale day with out kids. What? That can happen? In the same day??? I score a new shirt, sweater, pants, and shoes. I pick my moma up on my way back to the kids. I find Isobel to be waking up from a nap in the coziness of EJ's arms and leather recliner. Only the best for her. Evie on the other hand is in Lego heaven and hardly notices my return (or the fact that I even left).
We leave one oasis for another. My parents house. Everett is looking forward to the Wii and Bel and I can't wait for the hot tub and time with my parents! I love to hang out with my parents. They raised 7 kids and therefore know my current struggles and those to come. I want my kids to have a relationship with their grandparents. Not just visiting hours on two holidays a year. And they do. Everett played Wii golf, boxing, and bowling with Jaja (Ugandan for grandparent). There are no pictures of this due to the fact for that same hour Isobel and I were playing and relaxing in the tub.
Oh yeah. So many jets, so little body. This is a serious hot tub. (My papa is a big guy and the tub helps his God given parts and those replaced by man. Many stories of surgeries to explain those but in short he really does have medical paperwork to explain the beeping he does when going through a metal detector at the airport!).
There had been no whining or fighting due to hunger so I had no clues as to what time it was . . . 7:30! We still had not had dinner. I am a simple and piratical person. Dinner in is more than fine. But not when my moma wants to love on me. Spaghetti House here we come! I am still learning to just peacefully accept this type of love. I don't want our parents to feel the need to spend $$ when we are with them. But it is a treat so I keep biting my lip and let my moma say "I love you!" and "relax". THANKS moma and papa. After ice cream we head home and arrive around 11:30 pm. We all need to get rest because Saturday is the county wide garage sale. Whoo Hoo!

Thinking that my time must be up and time to return to life as usual, I was surprised to hear Ian's willingness to garage sale . . . at all. He hates them. I don't like to be rushed. And with kids? No way. But I was loved again. "Take us wherever you want. Take your time. I'll help with the kids. Let's have fun" were his wishes for the day. Huh? Oh how I love it when he speaks my language! A couple of great buys, a coffee, and a nice family day. It was perfect. Times up right? Nope. Isobel takes a nap, Ian works on stuff, Evie is off in his own little world and I get a text from Stef to come down to the salon for a pedicure during their grand reopening. With Ian's ok I am off and pampered again. Magic happens and by the time I leave (pedicure, hair washed/styled/and a little trim, and an eye brow wax) we have been invited to Brew Days with Stef and Nic. A few calls later and Ian feeds the kids, gets ready, and Ian's parents take the kids. By 6 pm Ian is in micro brew heaven (read me speaking his love language) and I get more time with Stef. I can not believe this vacation ball is still rolling!

(*Shameless Plug: Want to be pampered, go see Stef at the Eva salon on Cornwall downtown!)

Sunday we golfed a little and chilled out at home. It was lovely.

Needless to say, I had a couple of great days. I love my family and heard that they love me too.