Monday, March 30, 2009

Where have we been . . . ?

We have been in the land of no schedule. Dad's schedule has been quite flexible lately and in our house daddy time trumps all! Including our normal schedule (using the term loosely here. Thus my normal blog time misplaced). Everett and Ian were able to help out a neighbor with a project even. They have been able to do a lot together in fact. This unexpected time with dad and the fact we homeschool means that we have been able to do so much together.

We were also able to go to Seattle and help out my parents with a project too. I always like going there since they live right next to one of my favorite stores (Goodwill), they have a hot tub, and we all get to see family!! There is a great video of my mom teaching Everett some science using our empty water bottles and filling them with water or air and placing them in different positions at the bottom of the tub to see how high they would pop out of the water. I love in the moment, real life, learning.

But this little girl is frequently living in moment. Here she is thoroughly enjoying two of her latest creations. Menu item 1 is the taco meat and beans as served for dinner with her own addition of . . . blueberries. And yes she did eat it all.
Menu item 2 is the eggs and sausage as served for breakfast one morning with her addition of . . . peanut butter. Ok, this one I can kinda see. But the blueberries still has me wondering.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome To Isobel's Personal Cafe

This is the home of our dear neighbors. They are great!! We might be returning a simple something or just dropping something off and before I know it we are invited in, the kids are taking off their shoes and these lovely people start taking out games to play and offering snacks.
Here we arrived just as pancakes were being made for an early dinner. Isobel was quickly offered a seat. A stack of buckwheat pancakes with butter and syrup . . . accompanied with scrambled eggs. All before our own dinner. I love that they love our children. It is one of the "lambs" favorite spot to go. And it is just across the street.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ruby return and for future reference

We are home from the Above Rubies Retreat. What a great time to be surrounded by friends and others who are all like minded. I loved the prepared meals, great council, new perspectives and side hurting laughing. Thank you honey for letting me go. I feel ready to be the wife and mother, I always wanted to be, for the glory of Christ!

So just when would my feet touch back down. . . oh about 5 minutes after I said goodbye to the girls and closed the door. Isobel was tired and defiant. Evie tired and hyper. Ian and I just wanting a couple of minutes alone. Kids up right on time the next morning, schooling, meals prepared (with joy I might add). One ending like this:
A burn to the lip and a mother questioning appropriate treatment. This picture (not that it does justice) is about two pluse hours after her very helpful attempt to blow on dinner FRESH out of the oven. I knew no ice. I thought a cold wet cloth. But the large white brewing blister had me doubting any other care. I checked the web. Thought about calling Renee but she mainly deals in subcutaneous tissue, not burns. I called the Dr. They wanted to see her, of course I thought, but it was good to be seen. We were told the lip heals very quickly! The burn was not blistering but definitely very dead tissue. It will protect the new skin to come about and only then do we need to put any ointment on it. Just for future reference.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lets play who took the camera

Bel taking a picture of her colorful toes.
Everett taking a picture of his latest lego creation.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Some Joys

Remote Control! That is all Everett is able to talk about. Do you know that game "Seven Steps to Kevin Bacon", where when naming any actor, within seven movies you can reach one with Kevin Bacon in it. Everett is able to do that with any conversation and within one step begin discussing the remote control car he would love to have. I am seriously going to see how I can turn it into lesson plans for school (fine and gross motor, problem solving, ... any suggestions?)
He now has it though. I am not sure witch of my boys is happier. Daddy for making the huge smile on Everett's face or the one on his own since he wants one too.
Isobel is in her own little heaven too. We have been Franklin fans since Everett was tiny. We found a title we did not have yet (hard to believe), Franklin and Harriet. She loves it! It is about Franklin and his little sister Harriet. I do not know if it is because I handed it to her when I found it, its cover is purple, or because of the little sister character, but it is HER book. She hides it under her bed for safe keeping in fact.
I am having my own little joy too. There are no pictures in this post since I am in bed (migraine yuckies). My head is not so bad mainly my stomach. My husband is home. They have each other and toys. Just me and my bed here. Extra time here only happens in extreme cases.