Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fair 2012

 This is the chair that Ian made and submitted.
 This became a HUGE disaster. 
 Wrist bands for the rides have been a great idea as the kids get older.  They get a little bolder each year.  This year they rode a roller coaster, spun around and around, and Isobel even went solo on one that took her up high and did a control drop. It was a long wait for this ride though.  We had to wait as they repaired it.  Then one of the men used his hands to cross his chest in a cross pattern.  Not exactly what we wanted to see right before she got on.
I think Demolition Derby passes might be needed next year.
This is still one of their favorites at the fair.
Here is Everett's Lego entry
 And Isobel's too.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


A little bit of sand does not ruin Abigail's day.  She has no problem exploring the beach.  It took her a few times at the beach before she learned to crawl down to the water.

 Everett made it to the dock this year.  Our rule for jumping off the dock is to be able to swim to it first. Some encouragement from friends also helped him get there.

And Isobel? She was in her messy element.  She was collecting clams and digging away.

 The beach with friends was a great way to enjoy the summer weather.