Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fair 2012

 This is the chair that Ian made and submitted.
 This became a HUGE disaster. 
 Wrist bands for the rides have been a great idea as the kids get older.  They get a little bolder each year.  This year they rode a roller coaster, spun around and around, and Isobel even went solo on one that took her up high and did a control drop. It was a long wait for this ride though.  We had to wait as they repaired it.  Then one of the men used his hands to cross his chest in a cross pattern.  Not exactly what we wanted to see right before she got on.
I think Demolition Derby passes might be needed next year.
This is still one of their favorites at the fair.
Here is Everett's Lego entry
 And Isobel's too.

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