Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gotta Share This

Look what I found!!!! I usually only read blogs of people I know but this is right up our

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Fine Night

Stef came over last night to cut my hair. How do like that. A fantastic hair stylist who comes to your house! So cool. The kids and I got a trim. Isobel put baby powder on our noses as an attempt to keep her head still and looking in one direction.

This is Ian and I at dinner. The setting sun blasts through our front window. We had some fun making shadow puppets.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fruit of 10 years Hard Work

We were able to sell the tree we cut down a while ago as firewood on craigslist. I encouraged our son to help load the wood. He said he would rather not and I guess that was ok. How happy my heart was when he went and readied himself to do the work anyway . . . on his own and in his own timing. I was bummed when I went to take pictures of his manly responsibility only to discover a dead battery. How proud I was of him to selflessly serve another with no expectation of reward or compensation. Just his serving heart and a great altitude to participate in anothers benefit (and to clean up our back yard). He even maneuvered the wheelbarrow! Empty of course but still a challenge for a young gentleman. Thank you Evie for showing another Jesus' love and your parents fruit of hard work! We are proud of you!!!

P.S. It is our 10 year wedding anniversary, more hard work and great fruit, but I must go care for the one politly asking to get up from her crib.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cleaning can be fun...with a friend

I know that it does not look like much (picture to come). This is my laundry room and mud room. To much stuff has been crammed in this space and it has been needing an over haul. Carolynn to the rescue. I would have been happy with just organizing it. Carolynn on the other hand wanted my white linoleum floor clean (who puts white anything on a floor?) It's beautiful! She even washed my washer and dryer tops.

What were our children doing? The girls slept for the most part. Everett and Ian (Slocum that is) played great and even did a little school with out us. We found them playing "sink or float" in the bathroom sink. Not a big problem. The problem came once the girls woke up. One of them came to us with "mommy . . . we sock". She had been adding and adding and adding water to the boys earlier game in the sink to the point that now the bathroom was being flooded. So my bathroom got cleaned too.

Thanks Carolynn!! It's off my list and it looks great.

Solid Rock Homeschool Camp

Welcome to one of the highlights of our summer! Solid Rock Camp was offered to our family. A two day camp out with 6 families and almost 30 kids. These are some of our most favorite people. All home schoolers, all Christian, all great people that you would want to surround your children with. Here Everett is "checking in" with the camp director (and host) Mrs. Bergeron. He gave his name and received a bagged breakfast, team colors (camo) and dorm number.

Isobel had a good time with the little ones. The little ones participated in the coloring, play dough, and bubbles. Here she is with Ruby. Ruby and Isobel are only three weeks apart. They know each others names and get excited to see each other

Here is Everett's team the "Courageous Crusaders". Every team had an adult leader and a jr. leader. Togetherness and encouragement were themes of the camp. Any responsibility and kindness earned a water balloon for your teams jar for the water balloon fight on the second day. Boy did we need it too. It was so HOT, around 90. We had 6 tents that became "dorms" for each team. Each team needed to clear the ground for the tent that they worked together on. Evie was able to camp out overnight. He loved it!!

Here is the meal line. Everyone washed up, grabbed a tray, and had the best camp food. I was one of a couple moms asking for recipes. Once done, and they wash their tray, they earn tickets for the snack shack.

We had a great time with familiar and new friends. Here is Isobel and Isais (3 yrs?) Is he not one of the cutest. His smile and sweetness are the best.

This was like any other fantastic camp. Games, water relays, team work, smores, camp fire with songs (ours were our favorite church songs). I am so glad that they are hoping to do it again next year. It was a lot take on ladies!! Count me in for any planning help you might need.

Thank you ladies for all your hard work. Thank you families for raising such awesome, Christ loving children, fun and encouraging young people.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let's Hula

On our way to Uncle EJ's half birthday and my sister Tiara's true birthday. It's Hawaii theme tonight. A happy day to both of you. Can't wait to see everyone.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh, I worked so hard!

I have a summer goal of raising enough tomatoes to can enough sauce for a year. God did not give me a green thumb, but children instead. I love to grow them! One of them, the cute little one, picked my largest beautiful tomato. We were watering all our lovelies, when I turned around to see her holding it in hand and off the vine asking "Eat? Sure?" Grrr. My neighbor said I should not waist it but let her eat it instead. No way! She loves tomatoes. She would pick them ALL if the reward was to eat it. Our God is forgiving and gracious and so I, and this is just a tomato. Thank you Jesus for the wonderful summer sunshine, our kids and time to be with both.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Man Time

This boy was flying sky high. His daddy and uncle took the day off. They hiked up a 5 mile trail to Bear Paw Lake for fishing. "Responsibility and fellowship are the two key words. If you see to it that your young men identify with serious people, they will be serious. (No Greater Joy)" A day of training up a man. Not sure who had more fun though....

This was the only wild life they saw. A deer wandering next to uncle Andy's house here in town.