Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just for the record

Pictures from our hiatus:
We've been swimming a lot. Weekly swims with Aunt Heather and Rhylee, birthday parties, and vacation with Jaja and grandma.

Isobel's (3) anuall cherry blossom picture

Add a big brother for good measure (Everett 7)

We released the frogs (Hermi and Henrietta). It went a little like this:
and a little like that:
It was a little hard to let them go. We all had grown fond of them. But this was the best for them.

The kids and I went to Vancouver, BC for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Just to say "we were there". Aunt Stef was very brave to join us on this adventure. It was very cold. There were a LOT of people (go figure). But we were able to see the Olympic Flames and eat at the most Canadian restaurant we could think of . . . Tim Horton's

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Short answer

I had a friend recently email to ask where we have been. The blog has been silent, co schooling has not resumed, and she is not much of a phone talker. Thus a fair question. It has taken this long to replace our computer. Though with mainly only one, it has been difficult to wiggle my turn in there.
So what has happened lately?
Isobel learned to ride a bike without training wheels
Everett flew a kite at Seaside Oregon
Ian had two requests for table information
Gus failed puppy school
I've been desperately trying to keep a clean house and provide good meals.

Where are the pictures? Provided that they were taken, probably on the main computer and hopefully to come . . . .
But aren't you happy there is something different to read here :-)