Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm a little tired

Harvesting what I've grown.
Storing others
And preparing what we can.

We did the fair.
Evie really liked the kids roller coaster. And all the animals.
Isobel rode on more rides this year. This one she had ride by herself. Everett was to tall to go with her. Yikes! Little miss independent did just fine
Ian takes the day off just for it. We all had a great time.

And planning for this upcoming school year. By blog time at night . . . .

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's been 11 years

I was a 17 and he was 18. We met through a friend of his, that I worked with, at our local theater. Our first date was on Dec 28, 1995. I wore his promise ring the summer of 1996 (yep, 6 months later :) We were married at the daisy/country/ summer wedding of my dreams on August 22, 1998. I wore my grandmothers necklace, my friends earrings and Keds. The sweet guy that he is, let me choose EVERY detail with only one request: where the cake came from . . . and some flavors. Although, he did thumb through a wedding dress catalog and while showing it to me said he did like "this dress" . . . it was the same one that I had ordered and had made special for me and my short little legs! Out of all those pages?!
On our day, we were surrounded by friends and many family. It was the best party and I did not want to leave.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is my friend. One of my great friends. And this is normal for her. A baby strapped to her, patiently deciphering a young ones request, while steadying another (hers or not). I have a few friends with these great skills. And honestly, right now we are under attack. Satan is doing an awful lot to prevent us from planning our homeschooling year, by trying to sabotage our families, marriages, health, finances, ect. Homeschooling and raising our children according to the word are some of our top priorities and Satan would like nothing more than to prevent it. Please pray with us as we lift up homeschoolers, marriages, and families

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I just . . .

Love her! She is go go go . . . Highly independent until hurt or tired, then its her arms wrapped around my neck and nose to nose trying to get closer and closer. LOVE IT! Thank you Jesus for choosing us for each other.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just for the Record

He rocks! During the Great Heatwave of 2009, Ian managed to find us an air conditioner. In true hero form installed it as soon as he got home from work. The window board is not pretty, but hey, he used only left over materials. It fits and works perfectly . . . and the picture makes me giggle. Thank you dear for your skills . . . and humor!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

One more off our list

At the beginning of 2009 we sat down as a family and collaborated on a list of places and things that we wanted to see and do. This was our Mt. Baker trip, Everett wanted to do. He had a side mission of retrieving a frog (at any age of development). There's my hero. The one hiking with a three year old on his shoulders.

Mr. Accomplishment
Miss Daredevil. None of you are really shocked are you!
Three indulging this wife and momma
Snowball fight on a glacier in August. Have to say though that most of them seemed aimed at me . . . purely because I was a sitting duck (taking pictures, observing, ect)

Gorgeous. Oh and the kid and scenery are not bad either. God makes good work all the way around.