Friday, February 26, 2010


Reading seemed to "click" yesterday for Everett! My friends said it would. It would just take time. His time. In an unplanned reading lesson, Everett read book #4 . . . then #5 . . . then #6 . . . then #7. Not all perfect. Not without help. But with desire and pride! There has been no stopping him. He gets upset when I say we need to take a break so I can do other wife and mommy things. Way to go Everett! We are so proud of you. Good work!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not so fast

E: Hey mom, I think I'm getting those things like dad (raising his chin and feeling as he references whiskers)
Me: (smile) Oh, yeah? (thinking: not so fast!) Me and Everett at Lake W during record heat in 2009

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My daddy can do anything

(with completely unrelated pictures)

(my sister Tiara and Isobel December 2009)
Bel: What's eodel (remodel) moma?
Me: Where we take it all apart.
Bel: How would we do that?
Me: With tools. It would make a big mess.
Bel: Oh daddy could do that.

(Isobel February 2010)

Friday, February 12, 2010

An Olympic Dinner

Much like the Olympics, my post is not starting out the best. However, our meal focused on the country of Canada who is hosting the 2010 Winter Games. Here are our Olympic pineapple rings. The rings went our French toast (missed the photo) and this ham.
And of course Maple syrup!This? This represents Canada's favorite sport . . . hockey.We hope to watch some of the games too.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cause or Effect?

See the handsome guy in the red? That is our now 7 year old son. Happy Birthday Everett!
Wednesdays I teach school lessons via cub/boy scout requirements. This Wednesday was Everett's birthday so we work towards our ice skating belt loop. I am not sure the answer to last post question. Am I crazy for them or because of them?Or is it their influence? Their mothers. Yes, those ladies who roller ice skate while talking on cell phones. Or the one who hosts a two day summer camp at her home. Or the one who makes meatball cupcakes? Or the ones with the wisdom and impactful sayings that get stuck in my head that make me a better mother and wife?
Or is it for this: The sister standing next to her brother . . . on purpose. The boys being close. The fact that these 12 children, ages 1-12 helped, encouraged, and learned from each other.

I like my crazy! And I will keep doing it for ALL the above.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who am I?

We started our morning here:It was mentioned that an Olympic torch was passing near by. It was an awesome opportunity, even if it was at 7:20 . . . in the morning! Only for them. 1. We were in the car by 6:30. 2. It was freezing cold 3. And we had to run . . . I am NOT a runner. It was worth the 15 minutes of their "I'm cold", "Can we go" tears to watch the flame run in and stop right in front of us:
I have no idea who he is or anything. Just a guy approved to be running with fire through town. After that we went for some hot coco and breakfast. We managed to do some math while we waited for the food. Next was Goodwill (because we were within walking distance and therefore its gravitational pull was no match for me). Believe it or not, we did leave, and came home to do more school. Then as planned these lovely faces arrived.Everett and I had discussed taking them to the driving range. There are not any fantastic pictures because I only had my phone. Needless to say, they all did GREAT and LOVED it. Cai has an amazing follow through for a boy who has never tired it, Tucker was determined and Hez once again looked like an older, wiser, methodical gentleman. Everett had some serious distance and Bel was thrilled with any distance and too cute for words. We finished just in time to drop them off and head for gymnastics.
Who is this crazy lady . . . having to much fun with her kids.