Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day What?

Ok, I have a hard time knowing what day it is normally but I am beginning to feel a bit like a nomad and that somehow makes it worse. We had to switch hotels in Leavenworth only to leave to go to Chelan for a night, to return to Leavenworth for the work week. That's ok. I have always wanted to come to Chelan. Though in my dreams it was always warmer than this:

We did get a chance to see the Wenatchee Pioneer Museum on Friday before we left. Way Cool!!! The kids want to go back and take daddy. We had the whole place to ourselves. We were given a paper with questions to answer on one side and pictures of things to find on the other. They were way to excited to participate much in it. Everett quickly observed one exhibit only to move on to the next with Isobel right behind him. They loved it.

Here they are holding up an 1900's bank

The sign entering Wenatchee claims "Apple Capital of the World". This is a partial wall entirely covered with old apple box labels.

Evie did slow down at times to fill in some of the answers. Here he is recording the date the Eight Mile Tunnel was finished: January 12 1929 to a tune of $14 MILLION. I guess my friend is right. Learning in a fun way helps you retain and make real information

These are for my parents. Thanks moma and papa. Our trip has been great!
This was such a fun place to visit. It has encouraged me to check out other museums in other towns near our home. I think the kids would like it too since "Are there any museums or libraries around?" was the question they asked the front desk when we checked in today. I love that!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Days Four and Five

A little cabin fever today. Not much to comment on today. I will have to fill you in on day four another time. It is finally quiet here, Ian is home, so I am off to be with him! Here is a beautiful kid in a beautiful place. Ironically, coconuts was the only thing to make smile. More about that too later.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Days Two and Three

As you can tell, Everett is felling better now. A friend commented long ago that her boys are incapable of just walking. They must reach some higher point may it be a small retaining wall, the "curb" like step in Costco's refrigeration section or the slight hill along a path. Clearly Everett has the same ideas. It was just a short walk to the trolley stop. Everett insisted on climbing and scaling his way there over the large piles of snow due to clearing parking lots . . . his sister soon to follow his example. Never mind that I was easily walking just below them on the cleared concrete.
I love this picture! The trip was fun too. We went from our end of this little town to the other. Our driver became our personal guide as he told us all he could as we past important places. Isobel fell asleep during part of it. Imagine that. All warm, bundled on a easy going trolley at about 2:30 in the afternoon.... Good thing the library was our only stop. And that she would not miss!

Today we did some new math. We worked on some addition. We were able to "borrow" (not check out) this book from the local library. Following the story and some very cool Ben Franklin facts, was a magic square and its explanation. Everett immediately wanted to try it out. Here we are for the next while playing with our math cubes to make the sum of 15 in every direction.

Here is the exact reason we did not bring any other toys with us. They were beyond content to work together pouring hot and cold water into their snow pit "just to see what happens". I think that is called science . . . .
One more science experiment we just had to do was dropping an ice cube into hot chocolate. I (we) think it was a fun day at school.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day One

While Ian and I were watching a movie last week, he asked me if I too would pack up and follow him cross country (the main characters were pioneers). Though we are definitely not roughing it, I did pack our family up, and here we all are in Leavenworth for the next two weeks. We are calling this a vacation where Ian works part of the time. He will be working on a hospital in Wenatchee (30 minutes away or so). How ironic since both kids got colds a few days before we left. While Isobel is ok, and even improving, Everett is on every asthma treatment we can give him. Ugh!!! His barking and breathing resulted in us mapping out the route to the nearest hospital (just a few streets away). We thought about cancelling our family trip and just sending dad, but you as any other parent would know, to be a mountain range apart would drive you crazy. So at least this way we are all together.
We brought a few school items (pattern shapes, battle ship, dice and card games, ect) and Rescue Hero's. Before deciding if we all came or not, Ian and I checked out Leavenworth's Parks and Rec and library options. There is a library right in town and many museums. Oh we can't wait. A whole new library . . . yes!

Both kids did great in the car despite the fact that Isobel does not travel well for any trip lasting 20 minutes or longer. Once out of the car though, they were in the snow. I however, wanted to stay in here.

Yes those are my books. Yes that is my white blanket. And yes the fire is already going! Ian's work is paying a certain dollar amount for his lodging since he was willing to accept this assignment. We are in turn, paying my parents for their "points" they spent to set us up here in one of their time share's. A fully furnished two room condo with hot tubs, rec room and that giant sledding hill in our back yard.

As I write this, Ian and I continue hear Everett cough and struggle. Please pray for Everett to heal and Ian to be at ease and focus for work.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's been a little different around here

Daddy has been home on some vacation lately. It has been vary nice. It feels like a very long weekend. He has joined us on a homeschool hike, ice skating, and every morning is late and relaxed feeling, and with the cold weather we have curled up together watching movies or reading most nights (thus no blogging). Anyway here are some pictures of recent.
Our hike was of Whatcom Falls. With all that recent rain, the falls were full and raging. Apparently trail paths are optional. Everett has a tendency to go off roading with or without wheels.
This beauty Everett saw first "Look mom, just like when Jesus was born". Gotta love that
Here we are having some girl time. Aunt Stefanie is a mom's dream. A hair stylist who comes to your house, cuts your hair and your kids, then stays to hang out! Gotta love that too.

Here are the boys way after bedtime. I was in the process of escorting Everett to bed when he saw Ian on the computer. Ian said he could join him "Oops did I just mess things up for you"? "Nope, your time together trumps all. Enjoy!" They sat together watching how skateboard are made for a while.

(*So I started his post Wednesday morning. It is now Wednesday early evening. Ian has accepted a three week job in Wenachee. The kids and I are going to join him as much as we can. It will be a little vacation where daddy works a little.) Thank you Lord for meeting all our needs!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ice and Water

Today was the home school ice skate again. Ian and our friends the Slocums were able to join us this time. We had a lot of fun! With owning our own skates it's a great $6 of entertainment and exercise.

Fun for the littlest girls . . . yes. Exercise, not so much. Ruby only had a few ways of transportation on the ice. A round of applause for these two dads who carried extra fun around and did not fall. Thanks guys. The kids loved having you there.

The boys were all speed and slide.
Where did Evie go?
Seeing this Ian with a walker was little eerie. Didn't he get a cast off his leg just a little while ago . . . ?

Can we here it for the dads one more time. Bending over to assist and carrying skaters is hard on your back. I physically feel their pain too.

But I had to do this when we got home. As we got out of the car we all noticed a "river" flowing down our street. Seizing the moment, I suggested we go in have lunch, make boats then race them down the street. What a great, or crazy idea! So for the next hour or so I stood outside, in the rain, assisting and protecting our children in their outdoor classroom. May I mention too that our local schools were closed due to flooding! Such as the one were playing in.
Back to the boats. We utilized our recycle bin and our school resource box (random stuff saved for a rainy day) We made beautiful boats complete with sparkles even. We discussed weight, and saw the effects of size and shape.
Isobel looks as though she is having a good time . . . .

In the end, our boats became purely functional to win the race. Go Boat Go !

Isobel is making sure the path is clear of leaves.

Hope you had a great day too (Yes, it was a good day!!!!!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ian sold 5 items at ArtWood this December! Congratulations Babe!!

These are some things that he has finished since. Pretty cool for a self taught hobby.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Perfect Slippers

Do you have one of these? Someone who knows your children so well that if they were shopping and saw a particular something they would instantly think of your children and call for their sizes. We are very blessed to. She is fantastic . . . and right on. Isobel loves pink and Evie has a slight infatuation with with camo. And in true form, notice the color of each of their pants.

Thank you Jesus for our children having more people than their immediate family loving them this much! Aunt Stefie you rock . . . and we love you too.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Drum Roll Please

It has been confirmed!!! Her name is Liberty. My phone fell in a snow puddle so I can not say for certain what her middle name is, so I wont guess to avoid misunderstanding. Carolynn and Sean took their youngest daughter home this evening. If you would like to provide a meal, PLEASE let me know here or my email.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

She is here!

Please welcome the newest Slocum. Rejoice with the heavens in her birth!!!

She was born Jan 1st at 2:24 am weighing 9lbs 6oz and 22 in long and 14 in around her head. Including her little hand next to her head as she came out. Mom and dad are doing great too and trying to rest.

P.S. They are still working on her name.