Saturday, February 28, 2009

And the winner is . . .

Bet you thought I would be announcing the blogiversary winner next year . . . . Well it has been really slow around here lately. The kids were sick, then us, now Ian has an ear infection. I have been cleaning out things and organizing remaining things (for a healthy home and/or a possible move), in addition to everyday cleaning and organizing. All that to say that there has not been much time to sit down and blog. Anyway, congratulations Renee on winning. I will get to you some of my favorite things

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back to the Vacation

Here are some more pictures from our trip. These big horn sheep were hard to spot but once found were incredible to watch. It was so quiet that we could hear their hoofs on the rocks.
Another highway sightseer stooped near us. They were very generous in sharing their high power equipment.

The kids were amazed how close up they could see them.

Here was another lesson along the road. We found a Great Horned Owl who was unfortunately hit by a car or something. With sticks and such we examined this great find.

Check out its talons! We could easily how powerful they were. But the fuzzy feat amazed us all. When we got back to our condo, we googled "great horned owl" and were able to learn so much. We even were able to listen to various owl calls. VERY FUN!

We have had many of our friends on our mind lately:

Please be praying for us. Specifically to have the strength to do God's will. Do we stay with his currently employer for job security and change locations for a while or go on the union books for a different employer and stay here. Either way both seem a little scary to me....

Sunday, February 15, 2009


It's been 1 year. I have read some other blogiversaries or give aways and would love to give it a try. Humor me.... I will get a few gift cards from my favorite places and send them to the name pulled from the hat. Please let me know :
1. how long you have read this blog
2. how did you find it
3. why you read it
Those are somethings I have always wondered. Simple short answers are perfect.

The purpose

We interrupt this vacation to bring you breaking news:
The children were dedicated on Valentines day! I was so excited. It was more of a parent commitment than anything else. I was the one to make the promises. This video is for all the family and friends that could not make it. Thank you to the Canfield's, Slocums, Aunt Stef and Nic who stood with us (down in front of the stage).