Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hey honey, remember when the baby saved us from the fire?

So around 4 this morning Abigail woke up. I thought the timing was odd, but nursed her anyway. As I got back in bed the heat was on, but smelled funny. I layed there a minute betting that it was nothing. Thinking that might not be best response, I went downstairs to make sure all was ok. Nothing seemed wrong! By the time I came back up, the front room was filled with a haze!! Scenarios ran through my mind as I went to wake Ian. We turned off the heat, and opened the windows. We found no cause, but would seek it out in the morning. Turns out that a baby ball toy, rolled down the duct work and started melting on the heat element of the furnace. If Abigail did not wake me up, we all would have woken up to the fire alarm, whisked the kids out and called the fire department. God is good, yet again

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Crystal said...

Wow! So glad you guys are OK!